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How a mobile phone charging station can help a venue improve customer satisfaction and spends

Why fully-charged visitors are a huge factor in higher revenue streams.

Blank screens turn potential customers into passing pedestrians. 

A dead phone or laptop puts their life on pause, and all they can think about is finding a way to plug in their phones and jumpstart their day. It removes any incentive – or even ability – for them to make a purchase at your venue. 

But a Mobile Phone Charging Station on site prevents that problem. By giving customers instant access to a portable power pack, you are removing one of the biggest obstacles to spending in the modern age – low battery anxiety – and your business will benefit enormously as a result. 

Power bank chargers are proving a lucrative, cost-efficient and practical solution for venues aiming to increase footfall and income following the challenges of the pandemic. These facilities keep customers connected on the move and keep them spending – suitable for all premises be it leisure venues, shopping centres or transportation hubs. 

Joos has emerged as the market leader among this new breed of portable power bank providers: Guaranteeing free installation, simple set up, and full service management (meaning your staff won’t need to dedicate their valuable time taking care of these charging facilities). 

If your business has the ability to boost battery levels, customer satisfaction and spending levels will surely follow. In this blog, we illustrate the benefits of JOOS mobile charge stations and how keeping your customers fully charged ultimately impacts your bottom line.

More customers. Longer stays. 

Studies have shown that one of the biggest reasons for a customer to leave a venue is low battery anxiety. 

When a customer’s battery levels drains, so does their motivation to stay. Without a smart device, they cannot communicate online, book transportation, or even make a payment. Any potential purchases they were planning are immediately replaced with an urgency to find a power socket. 

But when a Joos station is on site, customers can simply help themselves to a portable battery pack and charge up instantly. They won’t need to hurry home or relocate elsewhere to retrieve a charger. They can attach a Joos pack, charge at their table, and keep spending. 

In many cases, these customers will probably order another coffee, an additional snack, or an extra item: All purchases they would’ve abandoned if their battery was low. 

With Joos battery charging solutions – you give yourself the best chance of keeping your customers in your business for longer. 

Additional revenue streams 

Phone charging facilities also encourage new forms of spending. 

A customer travelling through a major transportation hub, such as an airport, with low battery would usually have to spend most of their time waiting by a plug socket whilst their device is charging. 

This is precious time they could be using to spend money on other services. With a portable charger, airport customers can power up their

device and roam the duty free stores and hospitality venues at the same time. 

As well as opening up new revenue streams for a business, Joos mobile charging is refreshingly convenient for the customer. 

In a hospital for example, on-site mobile charging boxes help people stay in touch with loved ones. Anyone visiting the premises can keep their phone at full battery – taking that portable pack with them wherever they may need to go. 

Ultimately, a Joos mobile phone charging solution creates opportunities for you and the people within your venue. 

Satisfied customers = better business 

A Joos mobile charging station keeps customers within a venue – but it also creates new ones. 

Consumers who have used Joos charging boxes in your venue will remember the service for its convenience and benefits – returning to the venue in future and sharing the experience with their family and friends. 

The upshot is that JOOS boxes create hugely satisfied customers that stay longer, spend more, and even bring others to your business. As word gets around, having a portable power bank in your venue might be enough in itself to entice new customers through the door. 

With Joos, you can create a positive, convenient and refreshing customer experience – at no additional expense or labour (Joos chargers are self-serve and cashless). 

Bristol Airport is one high-profile beneficiary – with installation of Joos boxes within this transport hub reducing crowding around charging points in the post-COVID climate, offered passengers the freedom to roam the shops,

and retain digital access to their boarding passes and vaccine passports. As many as one in five of these passengers carried their power banks from landside to airside – highlight 

1 In 5 landside users carry power banks through to airside, highlighting the customer experience value of Joos’ charge on the move solution. 

Complete our business enquiry form online here. Our team will take a look and get in touch to discuss powering up your service offering to create a quality customer experience.

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